395nm UV flashlight (2pack)

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  • BRIGHT UV FLASHLIGHT - Premium quality LED chip emits a bright light that covers wide areas. Focus Adjustable 395-410nm UV Flashlight, deeply press the tail switch to turn on/ off, easy to operate.
  • TIME & MONEY SAVING - No need to steam clean the entire carpet, the UV flashlight will point out the areas with stains for you to clean.
  • ZOOM FUNCTION - Adjustable focus. The Ultraviolet LED Flashlight can be zoomed in or out to adjust the brightness and & illumination areas.
  • VERSATILE APPLICATIONS - ILDOCK UV Blacklight is not only a pet urine and stains detector, can also be used for scorpions detecting during your camping night, check hotel room, find stains in carpet, identify fake ID / driver license/ currency /passports , especially you can use the UV light to detect Fluorescent Powder in baby's cloth and cosmetic products.
  • POWERED SOURCE - Powered by 1xAA Battery or 1x14500 rechargeable Battery blacklight flashlight (battery not included), tail-cap switch ON/OF for easy use.

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